Your dream home can become a reality

Give your family the comfort, quality and originality they deserve. Build your future on the strong foundations of our experience. Rely on premium materials and cutting-edge technology.

We will build your home

Who we are

A construction company with the proven know-how for creating extraordinary buildings, with experienced staff and the finest equipment.

About us

Construction is our only business. We concentrate on the quality of building projects and on fulfilling the wishes and demands of our customers. We promote an active approach to environmental protection by implementing integrated management systems according to the international ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

Quality policy

Our aim is to fulfil the wishes and demands of our customers to the highest level. We, therefore, only work with proven suppliers. We strive to reduce the negative impact of our activities upon the environment to a minimum.


Jozef Pojezdala sets up the company.


Company portfolio expanded by the construction of multi-purpose buildings and production buildings.


Start of a new era of fully custom home building services.

We can make your visions come alive and at the highest quality.

The three phases of our partnership will link your ideas to our experience perfectly.


First meeting

We will meet and get to know each other. We will go over your ideas. We will listen more than talk. We want to hear about what you like, what you do to relax at home, what your interests are...


Designing together

We have already formed an idea about how you want to live. We will talk about what your home could be like. We will create designs. We will go over everything from the most basic things to the smallest details.


Final design and implementation

We already know what to do and how. We need to design everything, reach an agreement with you and plan the building. Now we have the foundations on which you will build your future life. and you can just sit back and watch your building grow...

Our services

We offer the construction of various types of buildings.


Family houses

Comfort, premium quality and originality according to the wishes and demands of the family, down to the smallest detail.


Recreational objects

Uniquely designed places to stay for relaxation and recreation.


Multifunctional buildings

An ideal combination of functionality and distinctiveness of buildings perfectly suited to their surroundings.


Production units and business premises

Purpose built units manufactured to the finest detail for production and business.


Waterproofing of flat roofs

Experienced workers using high quality materials who always do a great job.


Insulation of family houses and apartment blocks

Our know-how in building insulation technology achieves extraordinary results.

Some of our Projects

Take a look at our completed projects


Phones and e-mails
  • Telefon / fax: 043 5593 316
  • Mobil: 0905 255 085 / 0905 255 084
  • E-mail:
  • Jasenovská 828
  • 029 57 Oravská Lesná
  • Slovensko
Invoice details
  • STAVORAVA s.r.o.
  • IČO: 44 133 588
  • DIČ: 2022601504
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